Effective Micro-organisms do not fight the Varroa directly (although research is being conducted to examine this aspect).  Habeetat® does, however, create a number of important side-effects.  First of all it influences the microclimate in the hive, and secondly, it has an effect on the affected bee.

     1.       Microclimate in the beehive: 

In the past, we often used pesticides to fight the Varroa mite.  Unfortunately, this also affected and weakened the microclimate in the hive. 

By cleaning or treating a surface you actually free that surface from bacteria.  It creates an empty area for unlimited spread of negative bacteria.  By adding positive bacteria you immediately restore a natural balance and compensate for the negative bacteria and fungi.

It also helps to restore the microclimate that took a beating from many years of chemical treatment. 

2.       The affected bee:

A bee affected by the Varroa mite has several perforations in its armour.  In these particular spots, the bee is more susceptible to diseases.  Spraying the colony with Habeetat® adds positive bacteria to the bees’ bodies, hence also to the perforated areas.  This has a disease suppressing effect.

Read more about Varroa in the book: "Varroa in de bijenteelt" (Varroa in apiculture) - Dirk De Groeve - ISBN 978-90-815415-0-3



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