What is Habeetat?

Habeetat® is a spray can filled with Effective Micro-organisms. It allows for easy addition of good bacteria and good fungi to the microclimate in the beehive.

Thanks to its special design, the spray container:

- does not contain propellants

- is not harmful for the bees

- can be emptied to the last drop

- can be used upside down


The product is the result of great cooperation and knowledge exchange between

-  Dirk De Groeve, 2BEe BVBA: bee-keeper for 27 years and ecologist, and

- Jurgen Degraeve: managing director of Em Agriton (Belgium)

It is important to understand that both Habeetat® and Beetricious® are NOT medicines or food, but contain nature-based supportive micro-organisms.





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