For many decades, bee-keepers have used chemicals and synthetic substances to fight Varroa. These pesticides have now been prohibited by law, and in addition the Varroa mite has become immune to some substances or techniques. 

Countless treatments with pesticides have obviously also left their mark on the micro-climate of the hive.
Restoring the balance is crucial. To simplify this process, we developed a spray can: Habeetat®. 

Habeetat® is a useful tool in bee-keeping. The revolutionary spray can is propellant-free and produces the same amount of spray regardless of how the can is held.

That makes it extremely useful for the treatment of beehives. The container can be held upside down without the risk of losing the propellant, simply because there is none. A pouch holding the product is enveloped in 18bar compressed air. The compressed air squeezes the contents of the pouch through a spray nozzle; as a result, the angle at which the can is held makes no difference.



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