The environment

Habeetat® is the product par excellence to offer effective support for the bees’ environment or habitat.

The biodiversity of the micro-organisms is under heavy threat of continuous pollution, the use of various types of pesticides, monocultures and compost substances. Farmers, for instance, are faced with silage that cannot ferment naturally. Fermentation increases the storage life of the silage fed to the cattle during the winter months. Forced to find a way to realise normal fermentation of the grass, the farming sector has equipped silage cutters with sprayers that sprinkle a fine mist of water with micro-organisms onto the grass. However, the naturally present micro-organisms on the grass are insufficient for its normal fermentation, hence the need for artificial addition of micro-organisms.

The biggest problem is that the micro-organisms are indeed microscopically small. They cannot be seen with the naked eye and therefore posed no problem until recently. 

They are everywhere – thousands of micro-organisms are packed on every square centimetre of our skin. Many of these organisms help wounds to heal, clean up dangerous bacteria or help to restore our digestive system. 

Anti-bacterial drinks have become all the rage in recent years. Various brands enjoy varied levels of popularity and most of them provide clinical proof of success. People have started to buy the drinks because they indeed feel better after consumption.

And that is why Habeetat® is so valuable. Not only does it provide a perfectly naturally balanced beehive, the bees also deposit these micro-organisms on all blooming plants. A very specific treatment of the blossoms is thus obtained: they receive distinct treatment against various fungi and diseases from the effective micro-organisms.





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