Especially in the last ten years, the pressure on the microclimate in and around bee colonies has increased.  The human environment did not escape pollution either: the rise and success of umpteen bacterial drinks speaks for itself.  You feel better after drinking them and their use is underpinned by countless scientific studies. 

One conspicuous example of the degradation of our environment can be found in agriculture: freshly cut grass no longer has the ability to ferment naturally.  Effective micro-organisms are therefore added to the silage in order to control fermentation. 

Our bees are experiencing more and more problems too:

-          A habitat less abundant with micro-organisms

-          Polluted ponds

-          Chemical spraying substances

-          Varroa mite and pesticides to conquer it

-          All kinds of diseases: DWV, APV, IAPV and Nosema  

-          Changing bloom periods, hence changing pollen quality 


To support the bees in overcoming these problems, we recommend Habeetat® and Beetricious®.  These products allow for care of both the inside and the outside of the bees and brood.





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