One conspicuous example of the degradation of our environment can be found in agriculture:  freshly cut grass no longer has the ability to ferment naturally. Agricultural machinery has had to be rebuilt to include installations that provide artificial addition of micro-organisms to the grass. These micro-organisms ensure controlled fermentation of silage.

Our bees are experiencing more and more problems too. Pollen, the most important source of nutrition and the building blocks for the bees, must undergo fermentation to allow for absorption by the brood.  The fermentation process that under normal circumstances takes up to two weeks, can be delayed under the influence of environmentally harmful products. This puts heavy pressure on the natural cycle of bee colonies. 

Adding Beetricious® to pollen substitutes will enhance their fermentation.

It will also improve digestion of the pollen substitutes by the larvae, which, together with the intake of good bacteria, supports the brood's vitality.



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